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Subject: Chinese Government banned this device in their country

Subject: Banned device gets out to the open market, China loses billions of dollars


A Chinese company created the ultimate computer, capable to
do several millions of calculations per second. This was supposed
to be used for research, but some people got their hands on these
devices and begin making serious money with them.

They have created some huge facilities, making them millions of dollars
every month.

Word got out that companies were making untracked money by putting these machines to
function and the Chinese Government banned using them on their territory.

Watch this video for the full story on how you could benefit from using these machines
in your home. You get both money and free heat by using them, so I would
recommend checking it out.

James Headrick put together an awesome video presentation which explains
how this system works and why he considers that’s the future and why every home should
have one, with big potential to replace the conventional heating system. He calls it
“The Freedom Box”